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Bergen Urological Associates, PA

Urinary Incontinence booklet
Urinary-Incontinence: No Need to Suffer in Silence

The Center for Continence Care

The Center for Continence Care (CCC) is the hub for the care of women and men with urinary incontinence (leakage of urine), and voiding dysfunction, including urinary urgency, frequency, or inability to empty the bladder. The CCC offers specialized testing of lower urinary tract function, urodynamics, and conservative management for various conditions, including behavioral interventions, pelvic floor muscle exercises, biofeedback, medications, and other forms of patient education and guidance. We strive to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment where patients are put at ease, and personal dignity is maintained. The CCC is all about education and reinforcement of patient goals. The achievement of this requires time, patience, and repetition, and that is where our staff excels. Many urologists and gynecologists recognize the value of the specialized services offered through our Center for Continence Care, and refer their patients to us for sophisticated diagnostic testing and innovative treatment options.

The Sub-specialty of Female Urology

There is a general misconception that urologists care for only men's medical problems; however, urologists are indeed trained to take care of both genders. Physicians who specialize in female urology focus on problems of the pelvic and urinary organs that are unique to women and have specialty training beyond that of a general urologist. Typically female urologic problems include urinary incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and pelvic relaxation (pelvic organ prolapse). By having a sub-specialist that concentrates their work on these types of problems, Bergen Urological Associates hopes to give our patients with female urologic disorders the very best level of care available.

Andrew Siegel, M.D.

Andrew L. Siegel, M.D.

Dr. Siegel is the Director of the Center for Continence Care (CCC). He established this center of excellence after serving as director of the Continence Center at Hackensack University Medical Center for many years. He graduated from the Chicago Medical School, and completed his urology residency at the The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1987, and his fellowship in female urology at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he trained under Dr. Shlomo Raz, one of the founders of the field of female urology. Dr. Siegel is well recognized for his work related to urinary incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and pelvic relaxation. He has many contributions to the medical literature and to the post-graduate training of urologists and gynecologists, and actively participates in clinical research with the goal of being able to provide his patients with innovative and state-of-the-art treatment options.

"It is clear to me that incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and pelvic relaxation are extremely important problems – they may not affect quantity of life or have the dramatic impact of cardiovascular disease or a terminal illness such as cancer; however, they can be devastating problems that can significantly impact one’s quality of life and can be construed as 'social cancers'. I have dedicated my career to rectifying these problems so that patients can resume a normal existence.

My philosophy is to test carefully in order to pinpoint the precise diagnosis, and then to initiate the most conservative treatment options. If conservative management is unsuccessful, then surgery may become a consideration. There are always several options, and my goal is to help my patients achieve the safest and most sensible approach that leads to a positive outcome. I strongly believe in the MDSW test — I treat my patients the same way that I would want my Mother, Daughter, Sister, or Wife treated, or alternatively the FSB test - I treat my patients the same way That I would want my Father, Son, or Brother treated."

Fernando Silvestre, M.D.

Dr. Silvestre is a native of the Dominican Republic and functions as a medical assistant at the CCC, directly involved in patient education and testing, from the initial consultation to the ultimate management of the problem. He has the important role of setting up the urodynamics and video-cystoscopy examinations.

Medical Assistant

Employed at BUA since: 2008
Education: Medical Doctor, University Autonomous of Santo Damingo, Dominican Republic, 2005

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