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Causes of Dyspareunia (Pain During Sexual Intercourse)

  • Tipped or retroverted uterus - Some women with a tipped uterus experience pain during intercourse. This happens when the penis hits the cervix or uterus during sex. This condition is known as collision dyspareunia.

  • Endometriosis - The tissue lining the uterus (the endometrium) may grow outside the uterus causing deep pain during sex.

  • Infection - Bacterial or yeast infections are among the most common causes of pain during intercourse.

  • Lack of estrogen - During menopause, the vaginal walls thin and the amount of vaginal lubrication decreases.

  • Vulvodynia - In this condition, the vulva is hypersensitive and extremely tender on touch.

  • Drug side effects - Common drugs including those for allergy, high blood pressure or depression may affect the amount of vaginal lubrication, as well as the level of sexual arousal and desire.

  • Physical problems - Scar tissue from abdominal surgery or from delivering a baby can distort the anatomy and cause significant pain during intercourse. A cyst on an ovary can also cause pain.

  • Pelvic floor myalgia - Pelvic floor muscle spasms are involuntary muscle spasms and can result in difficult and uncomfortable sex. Emotional issues – Past issues such as sexual abuse or communication problems in a relationship can translate into sexual difficulties

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