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  1. Complete the course of antibiotics as prescribed in order to prevent an infection from occurring.

  2. Restrict your activities for the first 24 hours after the biopsy.

  3. For the first few days after the biopsy, drink at least six glasses of water to keep the urine flowing freely.

  4. It is common to experience some bleeding after a prostate biopsy. You may notice blood in the urine, a bloody discharge in your underwear, or blood in the stool or on the toilet tissue. This generally will last for no more than a few days. Sexual activity can be resumed at your own discretion. Blood in the semen can persist for six weeks or so.

  5. You will probably have a sore bottom for a day or so after the biopsy. It is helpful to take a hot bath after the biopsy to help relieve the pressure and spasms that may occur. Tylenol (Regular or Extra-Strength) is also helpful.

  6. It takes approximately one week to receive the biopsy results. Please set up a follow up visit prior to leaving the office. At that time, your biopsy results will be discussed in detail and your urine will be checked microscopically to insure absence of infection.

  7. Please notify our office if you develop fever, shaking chills, persistent heavy bleeding, or the inability to urinate.

* You will receive a separate laboratory bill for the pathology report.

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