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POST VOID DRIBBLING (PVD): Patient Information

Post void dribbling is defined as the leakage of a small volume of urine immediately or shortly after completing the act of urinating. It is more annoying than serious and is often one of the first manifestations of prostatic enlargement, a ubiquitous process in which the prostate gland gradually increases in size. The embarrassing problem of PVD rarely occurs before age forty, although it can happen on occasion to men at any age. To improve the situation, several measures can be taken:

1) PATIENCE- Try not to rush the act of urination. The adage "haste makes waste" is absolutely relevant with respect to urination. When finished urinating, gently shake the penis until no more urine drips from the urethra.

2) USE TOILET TISSUE- Women have the right idea here. When finished shaking the penis, apply a tissue to the tip of the penis to soak up any residual urine.

3) URETHRAL STRIPPING- The urethra (the tube that conducts urine from the bladder to the tip of the penis) does not end where the penis is attached to the body. The penile urethra, in fact, represents only half of the length of the urethra. The inner part of the urethra travels underneath the scrotal sac, traverses the prostate, and then enters the bladder. Urine that pools in the prostatic, scrotal, and penile urethra can be the source of PVD when it drips out the urethra aided by gravity and movement. To help drain this accumulated volume of urine, the urethra can be "stripped". The best method of doing this is to use the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand, starting in the perineum (area between scrotum and anus) and compressing the urethra as the fingers are moved underneath the scrotum and then along the undersurface of the penis from the junction with the scrotum to the penile tip.

Andrew L. Siegel, M.D.
January 2007

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